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Sam looks at Progressive Liberalism

Progressives move in mysterious ways to a conservative mind it sometimes becomes frustrating and down right madding. So Sam with his back country approach to life’s mysteries opens the door into this the process. Sam has had almost 4 year dialog with Irish lady who is nice and is a genuine person with many good qualities that make that anyone would admire. Add in her strong progressive believes and if you are a conservative it just blows ones mind. So Sam tries to explain this and put a perspective on the differences. First topic ….. LOGIC

Ever argued with a progressive ? Sam gives some insight

Sam looks at Progressive Liberal view of information

Sam dialog with his Irish friend over 3 plus years has made him very frustrated at the inability to change or alter this very committed lady to Progressive Liberalism. This caused Same to look at the believe structure and try to make sense of it. Information and how its used and understood is one of the keys. Next video puts Sam’s perspective on it.

Sam Makes his point on information

Progressive Liberal view of TRUTH

After 3 plus years of dealing with Progressive Liberal on American politics it was painful to Sam how this relationship worked, he now see’s how senseless the idea of common ground is. Sam now looks at how they perceive truth and the reality of leftest politics

Truth is truth except it does work in different ways

Sam looks at Progressive Liberal view of Trump. Why The Hate!

Everyone knows the vitriol and hate toward Trump my Irish friend epitomizes this emotion toward Trump. From before the election to the present day in almost 4 years of conversation she has never backed off this hatred. The question is why? Sam makes is point why in this last video of this series.

Why Trump made the Progressive collective go mad and made them go off the deep end.

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